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Manage Your Programs and Maximize Student Success with MyLabsPlus.

MyLabsPlus is a dynamic online teaching and learning environment designed to support online instruction programs with rich, engaging customized content. Convenient administrator tools and dedicated administrator support allow departments to grow their programs with confidence.

Easy to Get Started

Pearson MyLabs adapt to students' abilities and preparedness, promoting accountability and self-learning, and giving instructors and administrators valuable insight into student performance and progress.

  • Save time by automatically enrolling your students and instructors
    MyLabsPlus can connect to your school's Student Information System allowing you to enroll large batches of students with ease. Your school can create the login name and password for each student and instructor and control distribution of that information, so everyone can be ready to start class on the first day.
  • Personalize the MyLabsPlus experience for your department
    Your department selects the MyLabs or Mastering content you need, and works with the Pearson services team to set up your courses. Your school will have its own MyLabsPlus campus, the gateway to your customized courses. The campus is branded with your school's logo and unique Web address where all students, instructors, and administrators can log in.
  • Greater consistency and convenience accessing your course
    You can link directly from your campus portal into your MyLabsPlus courses. Pearson's services team works with your institution to create a single sign-on experience for instructors and students.
  • Provide students with an access code or direct bill them for access
    Students either purchase access kits or codes in the bookstore, which they will need only once to access MyLabsPlus, or Pearson can bill your institution directly for each student enrolled, eliminating the need for access kits or codes.
Effective Pearson Content
  • Provide the tools your students need in each course
    Text-specific courses help your students succeed by providing industry-leading, discipline-specific assessment tools, multimedia learning aids, and individualized learning plans.
  • Access your courses anytime with stable and reliable MyLabsPlus
    MyLabsPlus is hosted and powered by Pearson, the leader in online learning. You can be confident that your courses will be available whenever you need them.
  • Achieve higher pass rates and overall improvements in student learning
    Across the country, instructors who fully integrate MyLabs into their courses have higher pass rates than those who use textbooks alone. Students and instructors agree that using MyLabs improves students' experience in school and help them learn more effectively.
Comprehensive Placement and Tracking
  • Assess all of your students' developmental skills in one place.
    If desired, your students can take a placement exam covering reading, writing, and mathematics to assess their skills. This exam may be customized to meet your department's specific needs. Students see their results immediately and are given opportunities to remediate and improve.
  • Analyze and monitor performance across multiple sections, courses, or disciplines.
    Advanced reporting in MyLabPlus allows instructors to review and analyze students' strengths and weaknesses by tracking their performance on tests, assignments, and tutorials. The customizable gradebook helps instructors manage results, calculate grades, and plan remediation strategies. Administrators can review grades and assignments across all courses on your MyLabsPlus campus for a broad view of program performance. Grades reports can be distributed by exporting results to a spreadsheet.
Convenient Administrator Tools
  • Easily create and manage all of your courses with the MyLabsPlus administrative tools
    Coordinators can create, copy, and manage all of the courses with powerful administrator tools. In addition, they can access each course as an instructor to manipulate the content.
  • Manage all aspects of your site
    MyLabsPlus gives administrators complete control over student enrollments from the hosted administration site. You can customize the MyLabsPlus learning environment to include your institution's logos and colors.
MyLabsPlus Services
  • Support is available when you need it
    Students and instructors receive 24-7 support, 365 days a year, by phone, email, or online chat.
  • Personalized training lets you launch your online courses with confidence
    The Pearson services team helps your department get started by training them to use the MyLabsPlus administrator tools. Pearson provides ongoing, dedicated support for administrators to make sure your courses start and continue to run smoothly.
  • Migrate your programs to MyLabsPlus with ease
    Pearson provides experienced, professional course developers to convert courses from your existing learning management system into the MyLabsPlus environment.
What's New
  • MyLabsPlus is Pearson's customized answer to departmental needs
    The MyLabsPlus program from Pearson was conceived to address the needs of the institution or department who wants integrated course content, complete coverage of the undergraduate curriculum, and course administration without the overhead of running departmental servers for their Learning Management System. With MyLabsPlus, departments can easily integrate with larger institutional systems, perform reporting, and help their students enroll in a timely manner that allows everyone to be ready on the first day of class. MyLabsPlus makes it possible to meet these administrative needs while still giving individual instructors the customization and control they need over their course content.
  • New programs coming on line regularly
    See the list of available courses (on the Home Page) for all titles in the MyLabsPlus catalog. New disciplines are added to the MyLabsPlus product family every semester. If you don't see what you're looking for, email us at to get up to the minute information about product availability.

More Information
For more information about MyLabsPlus, please contact us at


"I absolutely love MyMathLab. I believe whole-heartedly that it has made a definite improvement in my students' grades and understanding level. I have fewer students dropping out of the courses I am teaching using this method than in the past, before MML. I recommend it to everybody I know!!"

Instructor Susan Hutchinson,
Florence Darlington Technical College


"I get so excited when I had to work on my MyWritingLab assignments, it's like playing a game, I want to get all the answers correct and understand it."

Student Emerita Foshee,
Pulaski Technical College


"We used MyEconLab® last year and will use it again this year. Our surveys indicate that the vast majority of students feel it helps them learn better and perform better on tests. Our instructors like it because it allows them to assign problems and practice tests that would otherwise require an army of TAs to grade."

Instructor John Livernois, University of Guelph